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About the Services
Vivid Image Consulting is an image management and style branding company providing professional image management services to corporations and individuals. Promoting personal professionalism is our firm's goal. There is help for promoting personal professionalism. Vivid Image Consulting is formatted just to do that. We are a full service company that provides hands on training for companies and individuals in the service industry. We create workshops and seminars to fit our clients' need. We train in personal appearance, customer service skills and business etiquette. At Vivid Image Consulting, we are a multi-faceted company that can maintain and update your current image. We customize our services to enhance our clients image which add to bottom-line value.

Workshops & Seminars
Our workshops include personal consultations such as skin, hair, nails, feet and make-up applications. Customer service skills and business etiquette will take place in a classroom atmosphere, along with time management skills. You can take advantage of our branding services as whole or in part depending on your company's need. We offer a wide variety of packages tailored to your needs.

Team Members
Our coaching staff comes from the service industry, bringing years of experience in customer service, hospitality, beauty and the fashion world. Together our coaches are spectacular in keeping up with the ever-changing industry. Our coaches are firm believers in leading by example. Bringing fun to the seminars at an upbeat and positive pace, making every participant eager to learn new ideas.

Goals & Objectives

  • Help You Project a Respectable Image
  • Create Great First Impressions That Match Your Company's Image
  • Improve Your Customer Service Skills
  • Advise You On The Best Ways To Greet, Interrupt, Or Transfer People On The Telephone 
  • Provide You With Ways To Stay Fresh, Alert, And Sincere All Day Long
  • Teach You Positive Phrases And Techniques To Calm Irate Customers
  • Increase Your Value To Your Organization

Contact us to meet with an image consultant about increasing your etiquette and your professionalism.

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