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Our competitive edge is that we are a full service image branding company able to address your appearance from head to toe.  Our motto is #LiveVivid, simply put we believe you should express yourself within every facet of your life.

Personal Branding

E-Style Portfolio

Styling Services

Who are you? What does your personal image project to the world?

You are a brand. Your appearance, your behavior and the way you communicate equal your brands. Your brand is seen everywhere, especially in today's technology. How are you perceived by others? How are you view on social media and in public? How do you want to be portrayed?

Our methodology

  • Assessment

  • Establish Direction

  • Attainable Goals

  • Success Measurement

  • Timely Execution

  • Continued Elevation


Your portfolio is individualized based upon the desired results from your image analysis.  Your portfolio is an image resource that evolves as you evolve; it customizes your shopping experience to pinpoint clothing styles that work best with your body type. FREE Just for visiting my website MYSTYLE


Vivid Image Consulting E-Style Portfolio, Men of Style
Vivid Image Consulting E-Style Portfolio, MyPrivate Stylist

Closet Audit

A certified image consultant will “Shop Your Closet” carefully sorting your clothes, creating an organized assortment of appropriate and inappropriate apparel. 


Personal Shopping

An opportunity for a certified image consultant to hand select fashionable classic items that uniquely display your confidence and individuality. We have a wide variety of relationships with retail and boutique shops to accommodate any budget.  Our style concierge is fashionably competent on the hottest trends and runway styles to review what works for your lifestyle.


Customized Styling Packages Available Upon Request. 

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